Radio Four

  • September 10 – October 28, 2016

Samuel Jeffery, Radio Four, Installation view, Sept. 2016, Gaudel de Stampa, Paris Untitled, 2013 - 16, PVC, acrylic undercoat, mastic, glue, 112 x 65 x 7.5 cm Mirror, 2016, Glass, aluminium, hardboard, 23 cm diameter Mirror, 2015, Glass, 15 cm diameter Mirror (Character and Environment), 2015, Wood, plaster, convex glass, wood filler, gloss paint, 36.5 cm diameter Mirror (Today), 2016, Acrylic, glass, 13.5 diameter

  • Gaudel de Stampa presents Radio Four, an exhibition of sculpture and mirror works by the British artist Samuel Jeffery.
  • In the centre of the gallery, a tray like sculpture made with PVC sheeting is presented on a large plinth. First exhibited in 2013, this work was initially painted with a matt grey primer. It has since undergone minor alterations, followed by a second course of priming, for which the artist has used an off-white household undercoat. Worked on over long periods of time, Jeffery’s ‘box’ or ‘tray’ works might be thought of as rudimentary technologies, holding structures, or parentheses — empty signs that act as containers for possible content(s).
  • An assortment of round mirrors hung fractionally below eye height sit along the gallery wall in an orderly arrangement. One of which, Mirror (Character and Environment), 2015, has been made with the participation of the artist’s mother. Another, Mirror, 2016, has been acquired from a local Paris seller. To varying degrees theses works refer to notions of period, provenance and past — a range of histories, both collective and personal. Meanwhile, in exhibition, they continue their given task of acknowledging the present tense.
  • The exhibition’s title takes its name from the popular BBC radio channel. Established in the late 1960s, it runs programmes including news, weather, culture, history, documentaries and drama. During broadcast, at significant times of the day and prior to important bulletins, the hour is marked by the beeps of the Greenwich Time Signal.
  • Born in 1987, Jeffery currently lives and works in Berlin. Past solo exhibitions include Mirrors, Marbriers 4, Geneva (2016), Samuel Jeffery, TG, Nottingham (2015) and The City, Piper Keys, London (2014).