• Born in 1974, lives and works in Brussels
  • Michael Van den Abeele (1974° Brussels), works in Brussels, with diverse media and recurring motifs.
    From 2003 until 2022 he was part of the workgroup of the Brussels-based exhibition space Etablissement d’en face. Currently he is in the administrative board. He taught at ENSBA Paris and currently at LUCA School of Arts. In 2022 and 2023 he worked as mentor for the residency team of WIELS contemporary art centre in Brussels , The book Forked Apologies, published in 2017 (Forrest & Motto distribution), gathers a selection of applied writing in the arts. 
  • 2024
  • KIN, Brussels (upcoming April)
  • Left to my own devices, The Wig, Berlin (upcoming March)
  • 2023
  • Jeans & Pasta, a one day project, KIN, Brussels
  • 2022
  • What’s for dinner, Gaudel de Stampa, Paris
  • 2021
  • Talk Shop / Money under the Mattress (double bill performance with Hanne Lippard), MuHKA, Antwerp
  • 2020
  • Veranda (with Laurent Dupont), Gaudel de Stampa, Paris
  • 2019
  • Important Fan, Gaudel de Stampa, Paris
  • Beep-Beep, Marquise, Lisbon
  • The Banks (a lecture), Museum Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
  • 2018
  • Forked Apologies & other stories, reading at CAC, Vilnius
  • 2017
  • We already exist., Gaudel de Stampa, Paris
  • Forked Apologies, Etablissement d’en face, Brussels
  • Conference open to the public, Amphitheatre des Loges, Beaux-Arts, Paris
  • 2016
  • p p p punctual, Galerie Levy Delval, Brussels
  • RELAX, Galerie Trampoline, Antwerp
  • Roman, Studio 54/More Publishers, Brussels
  • 2015
  • Opacity please, Museum M, Leuven
  • 2013
  • Habitat Wheel, galerie Elisa Platteau, Brussels
  • 2011
  • Sentinel, Elisa Platteau & cie galerie, Brussels
    Perennial (with Arnaud Hendrickx and Richard Venlet), WIELS, Brussels
  • 2010
  • Fimbulvetr (with Harald Thys), Etablissement d’en face, Brussels
  • 2009
  • Bonus malus (with Arnaud Hendrickx); Netwerk; Aalst (Belgium)
  • 2008
  • It’s Character Forming, EAC les Halles, Porrentruy, Jura, CH
  • 2007
  • Meat Me, Second Room, Brussels
  • 2006
    Ashstrays, Le Bonheur, Brussels
  • 2003
    Viva Romantica; NICC Free Space – KMSK (museum of fine arts), Antwerp
  • 2002
    Le vent à double tranchant, Archetype, Kanal 11, Brussels
  • 2000
    Michael Van den Abeele, Etablissement d’en face, Brussels
  • 2024
  • I like a view but I like to sit with my back turned to it, Fanta-MLN, Milan
  • 2023
  • 40 ans du FRAC! Gunaikeîon, curated by Jade Barget, Daisy Lambert, Camille Martin, Céline Poulin & Elsa Vettier, FRAC Ile-de-France, Romainville
  • Conduit House, curated by Jennifer Teets, April in Paris Fines Arts, Aerdenhout, Netherlands
  • Slow Dance, Stadtgalerie Bern, CH
  • 2021
    Saint-Gilles Confidential, Maison de Rendez-Vous, Brussels
  • Paradis, Maison R&C, organised by Marie Angeletti, Marseille
  • With Love from Brussels, Art-room, organised by OFFICE KGDVS, Brussels
  • Spatial Bias, LESAGE, Brussels
  • 2020
  • I love my friends for their weaknesses and you for all your holes (with Sophie Nys and Gregory Polony), la Salle des bains Lyon
  • 2018
  • Salle des pas-perdus – Michel François et Richard Venlet, DOC, Paris
  • Those small objects (designed and collected by architects and artists), Maniera, Brussels
  • Wager of Word, Beeler Gallery, Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, Ohio, USA, conceived by Jennifer Teets with Michael Van den Abeele, Gean Moreno, and Dodie Bellamy
  • Monday another word for Tuesday, 76,4, Brussels
  • Somewhere In Between, La Loge/BOZAR, Brussels
  • 2017
  • Make New History with OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen and Peter Wächtler, Chicago Architecture Biennale
  • ‘On domestic animals and extinct species’: Talk with Leen Voet, curated by Richard Venlet and Ekaterina Kaplunova, Oh les Beaux Jours! Biennale9, Louvain-la-Neuve
  • Superdemocratie, Le Sénat des Choses, Sénat de la Belgique, Bruxelles
  • 2016
  • The Squater, Gaudel de Stampa, Paris
  • Rien ne va plus, Museum van Elsene, Brussels
  • Furniture Sculpture, Hugo Voeten Art Center, Heretals, (Belgium)
  • Everything Architecture – OfficeKGDVS, BOZAR, Brussels
  • Mindfabric, Institut du Karton, Avenueb de Jette, BE
  • 2015
  • The Pump, RCA, London
  • Words aren’t the thing, CAC Vilnius, LT
  • The Belgians, BOZAR, Brussels
  • Facing you, curated by Vaast Colson, Kunsthuis Geel (Belgium)
  • Celluloid Brushes, Culturgest, Porto
  • Intersections (with Jonas Locht, invited by Komplot), Art Rotterdam
  • 2014
  • Flora Hauser, Maria Tamiguchi, Michael Van den Abeele, Ibid.projects, London
  • Around the corner, Maison Grégoire, Brussels
  • Small museum for the American Metaphor, REDCAT, L.A
  • De Vierkantigste Rechthoek, KADE, Amersfoort (NL)
  • Exhibition-copy and More, Frans Masereel centre (Belgium)
  • Credit to the Edit, CNEAI, Paris
  • Granfaloon, CCHasselt (Belgium)
  • 2013
  • Route16 -Public spaces for private experience, Mechelen (Belgium)
  • 2012
  • Vinyl in the Atelier, MuZEE, Ostend (Belgium)
  • Hospitable Plains part 1, BAF, Brussels
  • Un-Scene II, WIELS, Brussels
  • 2011
  • Will and Objecthood, Gallery D.O.R. Brussels
  • A Clock Running on Mud, Galeria Stereo, Poland
  • Melanchotopia, Witte de With, Rotterdam, NL
  • 2010
  • Public Private Paintings, MuZee, Oostende (Belgium)
  • Art Basel/Liste, Gallerie Elisa Platteau, CH
  • Sovereign Art Prize, Barbican Centre, London
  • Summer show, Galerie Elisa Platteau, Brussels
  • Eva Berendes / Michael Van den Abeele, Galerie ElisaPlatteau, Brussels
  • Chipka, Kunstcentrum Netwerk, Aalst (Belgium)
  • 2009
  • Después del Arte, Lugar, Centro de arte contemporàneo, Havana, Cuba
  • Opus –1, LLS 387, Antwerp
  • Rencontres Internationaux, experimental video-festival, Madrid
  • Isomosis, performance-festival, Etablissement d’en face, Brussels
  • 2008
  • Rencontres Internationaux, experimental video-festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris
  • Curiosität, group exhibition, gallerie Micheline Szwajcer, Brussels
  • Art is my playground, Kucuk Ciftlik Amusement Park, Istanbul
  • Rencontres Internationaux, Berlin
  • With Brussels from Love, VanAbbe Museum, Eindhoven (NL)
  • It’s not fait, le monde est arbitraire, Huis Van Winckel, Dendermonde (Belgium)
  • CAC, Museo de Arte Moderno Toluca, Mexico
  • Europa Vostra, gallery Trafu, Budapest, Hungary
  • Losing Control, de Garage, Mechelen (Belgium)
  • 2007
    Project pour un Temple, Huy (Belgium)
  • Rencontres Internationaux, Centre Pompidou, Paris
  • 18, l’Observatoire, Maison Gregoire, Brussels
  • “Vanaf nu!..”, LLS 387 (organised by Ulrike Lindmayer, Willem Oorebeek and Ricardo Brey), Antwerp
  • Breughel’s View (part of Commitment), BKSM Mechelen (Belgium)
  • GHB, Van Abbe museum, Eindhoven (NL)
  • 2006
  • Choose Choice (with Jos deGruyter & Harald Thys), de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
  • 2005
    Ambassador, Public> Paris, F
  • 2004
  • Shoner Wohnen, New center for contemporay art Waregem, curated by Moritz Kung (Belgium)
  • Working ethics, Krinzinger Projecte, curated by Philip Pirotte, Vienna
  • 2003
  • Participant of the PS1 contemporary art center, studio program, NY-USA
  • ‘split pick up’, a group-project with A. Hendrickx, G. Lester, B. Rebetez & K. Dedecker, STUK, Leuven
  • 2002
  • Permanent installation at the ‘house of Flemisch representation in Paris’, Paris
  • Haunted house of Arts, Gallery Outline, Amsterdam
    Paysage, Botanique, Brussels
  • Paramount Basics (extended), Muhka, curated by Richard Venlet and Moritz Kung, Antwerp
  • 2001
  • Flat Space, architecture & virtual space, de Witte Zaal, Ghent
  • Parcours d’incidents, de Ateliers, Amsterdam
  • Prix du Jeune peinture Belge, Palais des Beaux Arts (BOZAR), Brussels
  • 2000
  • Orbis Terrarum, Plantyn-Moretus museum, curated by Moritz Kung, Antwerp
  • Bubbles in Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art, Brussels
  • 3-ness, Museum Dhont-Daenens (MDD), curated by Edith Dove, Deurle (Belgium)
  • SubRosa, Ateliers Iternationaux d’Alsace et de Lorraine, curated by Eva Gonzales Sancho, Phalsbourg (France)
  • 2008
    Platform Garanti, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2003
    PS1, contemporary art center, studio program, NY-USA
  • 2000
    Artist residence in France “Ateliers Iternationaux d’Alsace et de Lorraine” (France)
  • 2017
    Forked Apologies, Michael Van den Abeele, FOREST publications and Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, ISBN 978-90-826-8860-3
    This Sporting Life, catalog text on the work of Peter Wächtler, in The Absent Museum (WIELS, director Dirk Snauwaert, Mercatorfonds, 2017)
  • 2016
    This Sporting Life, catalog text for the work of Peter Wächtler, in Kunstpreis Böttcherstraße Prize Bremen 2016 (Kunstverein Bremen, 2016)
  • 2015
    Night Soil, exhibition text; Stoneware Murals; Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel; Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, 2015
    The Self-Signal of Dreaming, exhibition text; The Pump (group-exhibition), RCA London, 2015
  • 2014
    Break On Through, exhibition text; Circulus Maximus; Wim Goossens, Arnaud Hendrickx; M HKA, Antwerp, 2014
    A H Q P, exhibition text; A Hidden Quiet Pocket; Shelly Nadashi; Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, 2014
  • 2013
    Team Darwin / 24 Pages, edited by Manuel Burgener, 2013
    Gazebo, catalog text for a collaboration between Michael Van den Abeele and Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, in Route N16, Public Places for Private Experiences (Art Paper editions, 2013).
    Never Odd or Even, catalog text for Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, OPTIMUNDUS (Sternberg Press, 2013)
    MVdA in Conversation with SHK, exhibition text; Tweemaal door de blinden; Steinar Haga Kristensen; Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, 2013
  • 2012
    A Toast to the Ghost, the Host, Michael Van den Abeele, publication, Galerie Elisa Platteau, WIELS, 2012
    Panorama, commissioned for the hors-série #10 edition by Richard Venlet (MOREPublishers, 2012)
    Michel Auder, exhibition text; Michel Auder; Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, 2012
    The Clock, exhibition text; OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen; Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, 2012
  • 2011
    Haider’s last musings, YEAR, David Evrard, 2011
    Invocatie van de Mimoide, Michael Van den Abeele, 2011
    Not All That is Dark is Thereby Deep, on the work of Danai Anesiadou, published in A Prior Magazine 21 (2011). Translated from the Dutch by Beth O’Brien
  • 2010
    Prophets in an Irreverent World, exhibition text; Prophets in an Irreverent World; Abel Auer; Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, 2010
    Head of Wantastiquet: Dead Seas, liner notes for the vinyl and CD album Dead Seas by Head of Wantastiquet (Conspiracy Records, 2010)
    Invocation of the Mimoid, catalog text for Boris Rebetez; Anticipation (Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Edition Fink, Verlag für zeitgenössische Kunst, 2010). Translated from the Dutch by Beth O’Brien
  • 2009
    Pandemonium, exhibition and booklet text for the exhibition “Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys” (Culturgest, Lisbon, 2009).  Translated from the Dutch by Jodie Hruby
    Mixed Media, Martinis Misanthropy, exhibition text; Denoting Frenzy; Jurgen Ots; Etablissement d’en face, Brussels, 2009
  • 2008
    Gorilla, exhibition text; Gorilla; Timothy Stappaerts; Etablissement d’en face, 2008
  • 2006
    Phantasmagoria, exhibition text; Phantasmagoria; Leen Voet; Etablissement d’en face, 2006