October 10 – November 12, 2022


Gaia Vincensini’s works build on the idea of mystery as a highly erotic object of its own. The keys and keyholes, masks, puzzle pieces and curtains she persistently generates do not exist to hide something — in fact, they do not hide anything. They are pure symbols, pointing out an object which the only trait is its immutable unknowability — mystery — and which sole function is to trigger raw, boundless desire.

From that perspective, anything meant to hide something in reality can become an extreme, delusional object of desire, ready to unleash the most fertile imagination. Love, of course, is to be found among these world-opening topics handled by Vincensini in her works through poetical and intimate drawings…But there’s more than that.

By exploiting the opacity of capitalistic institutions, methodologies and discourses, Vincensini’s take on the hidden side of reality becomes political. Dripping ahegao tongues coming out of ATM slots, sweating numeric keypads, CCTV orgies, oral sex with locks and keyholes, romantic rendez-vous on bank rooftops…

In the tradition of 18th Century licentious writings and caricatures, Vincensini uses puritanism and prudishness as a breach for disturbing lust and decadence.

Simon Gérard
October 2022


Gaia Vincensini’s book, published by Kermesse and designed by Simon Gérard along with the artist.
Drawings (2017-2022)
artist: Gaia Vincensini
publisher: Kermesse
date of publication: 2022
edition of 100 + 10 A.P