Timothée Calame, Samuel Jeffery and Tiphanie Kim Mall

  • January 21 – March 12, 2016


  • Installation view, Timothée Calame, Samuel Jeffery and Tiphanie Kim Mall, January 2016, Gaudel de Stampa, Paris Tiphanie Kim Mall, Untitled, 2016, HD video, 8"35', colour Samuel Jeffery, Untitled, 2016, PVC, acrylic undercoat, insulating tape, 29 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm Timothée Calame, Relégation, 2016, Paper, wood, rabbit skin glue, hair, tape, 298 x 260 cm Timothée Calame, Relégation (detail), 2016, Paper, wood, rabbit skin glue, hair, tape, 298 x 260 cm Samuel Jeffery, Untitled, 2016 PVC, acrylic undercoat, insulating tape, 29 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm
  • Tiphanie Kim Mall presents a new video work. The 8 minute silent film was made at a vocational school in the north of Paris, the setting of the artist’s day job. It follows the movements of adolescent female pupils during an extra curriculum dance workshop, co-organised and hosted by Mall herself. Moments are shot through the reflection of the empty canteen mirror. The camera focuses on the girls moving in sequence, on individual facial expressions against a backdrop of dining tables and the school kitchen.
  • Timothée Calame has spent the days leading up to the exhibition working at the gallery to create a canopy-like paper work. The large rectangular plane, made through conjoining sheets of paper and wood, has been suspended with transparent fishing wire from the gallery’s rafters. Long hairs have been intentionally attached to it’s surface. Rabbit skin glue leaves a yellow residue, marking out the edges of the overlapping paper sheets in the form of a 12 part grid. Wooden slatting, taken from a found and dismantled window blind, has been placed in an orderly arrangement across the work’s top surface. Softly coloured A4 sheets have been transformed into slim pockets, large enough to house small documents.
  • On plinths, positioned throughout the space, are works from Samuel Jeffery’s ongoing series of box sculptures. The basic form of a four walled container is achieved through heating and folding plastic to create units of close dimensions. These are carefully decorated with various, horizontal stripe designs, applied using materials including tape, blades of grass and dust, swept from the artists studio. Two of the works in the exhibition were initially exhibited in 2014 and have since been through a continued process of moderate alteration. Embellishments have been rearranged and repainted with further layers of grey undercoat paint.
  • Tiphanie Kim Mall was born in 1987 in Basel. She currently lives and works in Paris.
  • Timothée Calame was born in Geneva in 1991, where he lives and works.
  • Samuel Jeffery was born in Blackpool (UK) in 1987 and currently lives and works in Berlin.
  • The exhibition was proposed by Emil Michael Klein